Advertise your Personal Training, Coaching or Gym today - all for FREE!

It's super simple and shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes of your time.

As part of the massive redesign project we undertook, we took a detailed look at the sign up and profile creation process. Part of the aim was to really make it simple and easy for you to sign up then get a profile live within minutes.

Less is more, so they say!

We stripped out all the parts that didnt make much sense to ask so early on and simply ask you to provide as much detail as you feel you need to. The actual sign up process now takes less than a minute - easily. All you need is your name and email and you're off.

Profile creation takes a couple of minutes max depending on how much info you want to give. This means you can have a profile live and advertising your business in the time it takes to make a brew (or a protein shake!).

Ok so I'm live on Fit-Map, what next?

Well, this is where the fun starts - you can now start creating Offers. Once you've got a Profile, you can start creating offers for potential customers. These can range from simple Personal Training sessions through to Annual memberships - your imagination is really the limit here! You can also apply discounts too in order to incentivise the offer.

We're putting together a little guide to help with maximising your Profile and Offers on Fit-Map, make sure you sign up to the newsletter to ensure you get a copy.