Welcome to the new and improved Fit-Map - we're bigger, better and faster!

Its been coming a long time, and after many months of blood, sweat, coffee and tears we're finally live.

When we originally launched Fit-Map all those many moons ago, it was a simple website with a big vision behind it. 

Our aim was simple - we wanted to simplify the task of finding a great local gym, personal trainer or fitness offers. Over the course of a weekend we hacked together web pages, a payment system and a content management system to control it all then set it live. We grew slowly at first, but then suddenly we seemed to get a steady following and visitors. Which spurred us on to improve things for our users and audience - it became more than a side project for us and we realised there's a strong demand for something like this.

So we're proud to finally reveal the new Fit-Map website, redesigned and built from the ground up. We've stripped out the things you didn't like and enhanced the things you loved about the original website - we're bigger, better and much faster than before. 

So what's changed? 


As per the original website, Profiles are the pages you create to advertise your business. The main difference is that it's now completely free to create profiles and offers on the website. Also, instead of three different types of Profile with different levels of features there is now only one type, which contains all the features (including the ones that used to be fee based). You can also create as many Profiles as you want, so if you own a chain of gyms or multiple, different types of fitness business - we've got you covered.

We've added a couple of additional features too - reviews and Offers. Customer reviews have been shown to be incredibly important in running a successful fitness business, your reputation and customer feedback is key to driving new business. It's more important than ever to ask existing customers to give feedback and provide reviews so now you've got a place exactly for that. Offers are a way to sell products or services via your Profile and the Fit-Map website, we've covered Offers in the next section as they're such a large change to the website they deserve it.

You'll need to sign up to create Profiles, but it's super simple and shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes - get started here.


Once you've created a Profile, you're able to start putting Offers on the website and your profile. An Offer is effectively any service, subscription or product you want to sell. Own a gym? Create different Membership Offers (including recurring payments). Personal Trainer? Create and sell Personal training sessions, training guides or even online coaching packages.

Offers are completely free to create, and you can create as many as you want to. We only charge a small fee when you make a sale to cover our processing costs and support the website to make improvements and to build new features. You'll need to create a Stripe account too (which is the same as Paypal, but more user friendly) before you can create Offers, but this also is really easy to do and shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes.

We'll write a few more blog posts on Offers over the upcoming weeks to ensure you're getting the most out of your new Profile so make sure you sign up to the newsletter and don't miss out.

Design and Layout

The website itself has been given a full on makeover, and we've completely rebuilt it from the ground up. Integrating a custom built Content Management System and Stripe Payment gateway into a fully responsive mobile design (it works really quite well on a mobile phone or tablet!). There's still a few bugs knocking about, but we're on top of it and ironing out a few relaunch woes - if you spot anything, or generally want to provide some feedback (love or loathe!) then drop us a line here or on any of our Social Media pages.

We're looking forward to the future and building upon the continual growth of the website, in addition to working with you to build your own Fitness Business. For now, have a look around, create a Profile or two and have a play.

Rob (Founder).