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Gym Offers, Personal Trainer Offers and much more

We work with some of the biggest names in the fitness, health and nutrition industry and we're always pushing for the best offers we can. Whether its saving money on a personal training session, a free gym pass or money off your favourite protein powder - you'll find it here.


How can I be sure i'll get my offer?

We ask for a lot of information from Personal Trainers or Gyms that sign up, and sometimes we'll check their authenticity too by asking for proof of identity. If in doubt, check the reviews and social media profiles - nothing says honest feedback like a current customer's review!

The Gym or Personal Trainer hasn't been in touch? What next?

The contact details for the Gym or Personal Trainer are on your order, so feel free to drop them a line. If you're still struggling to get hold of them, then drop us a line on our contact us page, we may be able to help.

I'm ill, or I can't redeem my offer - can I get a refund

The first thing to do is get in touch with the gym or personal trainer and explain the situation, the refund has to be actioned by them as we do not hold any funds - when you purchase an offer the payment goes straight to them.

I'm being asked for more money outside of Fit-Map, what should I do?

You should only be charged for the offer you paid for, be careful when purchasing additional offers outside of Fit-Map.

Where can I view all my orders?

You can view your entire order history in the My Account area of the website.

How do I redeem meal plan or training plan offers?

The details on how an offer is sent to you or redeemed should be in the offer details, but usually if it's a basic (or non-customised) plan, it will be sent to you via email. If it's a custom plan then the Personal Trainer should be in touch shortly to discuss it with you.

My meal or training plan hasn't arrived?

No problems! First, just check your junk email folder (just in case) and if it's not there drop the gym or personal trainer an email or phone call, if you're still struggling then drop us a line on the contact us page.